by Santi Suede

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released August 9, 2015

Recorded with Catherine Dwyer
Mixed with Woody Herman
Mastered with TIm McAleer

Lewis Chesebrough plays bass on Antietam



all rights reserved


Santi Suede Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Apartment
A ton of furniture fell down my stairs
When you moved in there
I had to break it all
Otherwise we'd be trapped in this apartment
This fragile little scene.

The tires melt upon the cooking street
And drivers scream
I change the temperature
On my air conditioning in this apartment
This comfortable dream

We don't have to leave
We have everything
Getting pumped into my faucet
Or shipped into my closet
When the trash i full
We'll throw it down a hole
If that makes you uncomfortable
Don't worry we'll outlast the world in this apartment
In this life giving machine
It's not just for me
So darling if you leave
I couldn't ever sleep in this apartment.
Track Name: The Pile
I wonder how tall the pile would be
of all the things that once belonged to me
and if i fished about would i find anything i took pride in?

I want to live beneath the pile
I'd carve my home within
Beneath the plastic bits and wires
I'd find a way to live

And after a month or two
When things would start to smell
My waste would form a kind of glue
It'd all become a shell
And I could sleep forever
And we'd all start to rot
I'd finally be buried
Beneath everything I had ever bought
Track Name: The Wisest Fool
In a million places, on countless tabletops
Cards are being shuffled, balls hidden under cups
You know the greeting,
"Ladies and Gents,
Do you have a dollar?
Do you have the sense?
To see I'm not your friend
I can't let you win
But we can both pretend you're in command
You're in the driver's seat"

When I saw you preening for your magic act
I knew that you'd pull the wool upon my shivering back
They're crowning me the wisest of the fools
It's because the only thing I'm falling for is you
Track Name: Antietam
My babe's in Antietam fighting the south
It's not the civil war, but he's acting it out
It's history he trusts
but I wish my babe would hold my hand instead of rifle butts.